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Archangel Michael

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Most Reverend
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Pope Francis

Photo Gallery

Notice: For the last fifteen or so years, the Basilica's Photo Gallery has been hosted by Picassa Web Gallery. Each set of pictures was housed in an album and we were able to link directly to our gallery containing all our albums. In 2004, Picassa was purchased by Google and our albums were migrated over to the Google platform. We were, however, able to continue linking to Picassa. Recently Google disabled the Picassa linking capability and so you may have encountered the dreaded "file not found" message when attempting to view our photos.

Unfortunately, and much to the dismay of the hundreds who have complained to Google in the various forums, Google has NOT enabled the capability of linking to all the albums in a gallery. Rather, we must now create a separate link to each individual album. The Basilica has over a hundred albums, dating back to 2009. (We actually lost all our earlier albums the FIRST time Google tried to eliminate Picassa!)

This page is our current best attempt at a work-around. Over the coming months, we will identify the individual links and post them chronologically on this page. Please be patient. If there is an album you are particularly interested in that is not yet included, let me know and I can add it. s/Page Lee:

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