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Archangel Michael

Bishop-elect Wack
Very Reverend
William A. Wack
Bishop-elect of the
Diocese of

Pope Francis
His Holiness
Pope Francis

Basilica Weddings

The Marriage Preparation Team of the Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel is pleased that you are considering a wedding at this historic Basilica and look forward to assisting you in preparing for the sacrament of marriage. Our emphasis is on preparing for the sacrament. While a couple may inquire if a particular date is available, that date will not be confirmed until the couple has met with the Marriage Preparation Team and completed the basics of the sacramental program. Catholic weddings are scheduled throughout the year except during the season of Lent and certain other occasions in the year.

The Team members and their responsibilities are:

  • Father Joseph Callipare- Father Joe is the Rector of the Basilica. It is his responsibility to make sure all of the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee marriage preparation requirements are met. He will inform the couple of all the aspects of marriage preparation including necessary documents to present and complete. Father Joe will be the one to confirm the date requested by the couple after the initial meeting. A couple’s questions regarding inviting another priest to officiate the liturgy, or the type of liturgy to have and many other questions can be addressed at the first meeting.
  • Deacon Stephen Wulf- Deacon Steve will discuss with the couple the opportunities that exist for pre-marriage preparation such as the FOCCUS instrument which is a questionnaire on a variety of topics pertinent to marriage. The results of the FOCCUS instrument become the foundation for discussions with Deacon Steve or a Basilica parish married couple trained for this ministry. Deacon Steve will also assist in providing dates for the required Engaged Encounter weekend.
  • Tootie Wanek and Lida Heck- Tootie and Lida serve as the Basilica’s Marriage Liturgy Coordinators. They will assist you with the logistical details of the wedding ceremony. They are skilled at answering your questions regarding what is permissible at the marriage liturgy in the Basilica of St. Michael. They will be present at the initial Team Meeting. Appointments with florists or your visits to the Church prior to the rehearsal to "look things over" are to be arranged with the Marriage Liturgy Coordinators. Email:
  • Aleli Varias- Aleli is the Administrative Assistant to the Rector. She will handle the financial matters for each scheduled marriage as well as recording the arrival of the necessary documents for a marriage.
  • Mike McCracken- Mike is the Music Director for the Basilica parish. He will assist you with music and instrumental arrangements and their liturgical suitability. Secular music will not be acceptable for the marriage liturgy. Mike is the official organist for the Basilica. He is the only person to play the organ or keyboard. Arrangements for soloists are to be approved by Mike. He must be consulted before any outside arrangements or contracts are made by the couple.

Additional Information:

  • Membership- A couple is not required to be registered members of the Basilica of St. Michael. However, all couples are asked to be aware that the Catholic Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee requires a six-month preparation period prior to the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage.
  • Outside Diocese- For engaged couples living OUTSIDE the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee, there are special marriage preparation requirements. Click HERE for details.
  • Financial Information- The use of the Basilica for the celebration of Marriage is $1,800. All related fees are included in that amount. We request a non-refundable deposit of $250.00 when the date is reserved. The balance is to be paid no later than three months prior to the wedding.
  • Alcohol and Smoking Policy- No Alcohol is to be brought on the premises before, during, or after the rehearsal or the marriage liturgy. No member of the wedding party, including the bridal couple, is to consume alcohol prior to the Liturgy. Catholic Church Law makes it possible for the Liturgy to be cancelled should the couple be intoxicated on the day of the Liturgy. The exterior area of the Church property is a smoke-free zone.
  • Photographers, Videographer and Florists- The couple is to refer these groups to the Marriage Liturgy Coordinators for all information concerning the Marriage Liturgy in the Basilica. Please ask them not to contact the Basilica Parish Office for information or Church visits.
  • City of Pensacola Ordinances- It is prohibited to use rice, birdseed or confetti outside the Church.

Interior of St. Michael

Interior of St. Michael

Interior of St. Michael

Interior of St. Michael

Interior of St. Michael

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