July 27, 2017 9:50 pm

Plan Today for your Tomorrow 2017
Thursday, July 27th

Come to either session to hear the answers to these questions:

Where do I go for caregiver support?
◆ Why should we take hearing loss seriously and what can be done to help it?
◆ How do I manage my medications?
◆ What is in-home care and who pays for it?
◆ What is the difference between independent and assisted living?
◆ How does family deal with guilt?
◆ How can respite care make my life easier on a daily basis?
◆ Who pays for a skilled nursing facility?
◆ Medicare vs Medicaid…what is the difference?
◆ They’re taking my husband to the nursing home…do I get to keep my house?
◆ What is hospice and what is palliative care?
◆ What does it mean to pre-plan my funeral arrangements and why should I consider it?