Military Outreach

The Basilica is host to countless men and women serving in our Armed Forces. Most of the active duty personnel who visit the Basilica are in the Pensacola area for a short time. It can be a hardship to lack a spiritual home. There is often the feeling that they are only visitors and guests. Jesus calls us to welcome the stranger in Matthew 25:43. More accurately, He calls us to recognize Him in the stranger and welcome Him.

The volunteers of The Military Outreach Team strive to help our people from all branches of military service create a true home at St. Michael’s. Through hosting BBQ’s and other meals at the Rectory and at parishioner homes, by going out of their way to engage our military parishioners when they encounter them at church, and by offering whatever helps and assistance possible this team offers an energetic welcome to our military men and women. Parish families are encouraged to “adopt” and invite those who would have no other family to celebrate with to their homes for holidays, especially Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas. With a healthy supply of Veterans among our parishioners, and guided by Fr. Joe Fowler, this ministry team is one of the most active in the Veronica Guild.

If you are interested in volunteering for this team or if you are in military service and want to be included in the events sponsored by this team, please contact Fr. Joe. Welcome aboard!

(Welcome aboard letter coming soon!)

To sign up to bring items to the Military Mardi Gras Event or to assist with the cooking, setup, or cleanup on FEB. 5, click here.

Matthew 25:43 ~ “I was a stranger and you gave me no welcome.”